Rachel Gillespie

Mentoring is key to any successful business or brand

Rachel has been in business for herself most of her working life and trained in business and life coaching, business marketing, been a travel magazine editor, worked in website development, graphics, guided tours and cruise ships tours and run and managed several of her own businesses for 20 years.

About Rachel


About Rachel


Equipment Information


I have used Canon Gear all of my career, however during guiding tours I have assisted many clients with their Nikon, Sony, Olympus and have a good understanding of many brands


Low aperture is ideal for use in nearly any shooting scenario and my preference when it comes to lenses, the image stabilisation and auto focus useful to minimise the appearance of camera shake for sharper handheld imagery. The Astrophotography lenses I shoot on are fully manual

kase filters

I have become an ambassador with Kase Filters, when the time comes to use one I find the system so easy to use and produces amazing results, the magnetic filter options are my favourites

USE my discount code KASERACH if you purchase any Kase gear


rachel gillespie is

department of conservation approved

Safety approved and first aid